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The students of Mount Hope Elementary recently participated in two fun filled learning field trips. Grades K-2 were able to practice fair play, cooperation, large muscle activities, as well as math computation all at the Beckley Bowling Alley. The students in Grades 3-5 learned many lessons pertaining to animals including: their habitats, eating patterns, and unique qualities at their recent trip to the Safari Park in Virginia. Both of these learning outside the school environment activities were made possible by the generosity of the members of Mountain Of Hope Organization who subsidized both these ventures. The students and staff at MHE were very appreciative of the kindness displayed by the MOHO organization. If the smiles, excitement, and fun shared by all are any yardstick of success then our MOHO “hit it out of the park!”


In February of 2014 the Mountain of Hope Organization (MOHO) broadened the scope of its helping hand and reached out to the students of Mount Hope Elementary.

Valentines were purchased for those students whose families found it difficult to purchase these important tokens. With the gracious help of the Dollar Tree, the group purchased 132 groups of valentines and distributed them to the students.

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