President's Message
To All our Fellow Board Directors, All Members and Supporters,
As we celebrate our many years of coming together, working together, and staying together with equal success; I say thank you all. Thank you for your loyalty, your time, your labor and your financial support. Charles McKenny, President, Mountain of Hope Organization
We have come a long way. Our first scholarship in the year of 2012, and now being able to award three scholarships in Academic, Science/Engineering, and The Richard Eubanks Athletic Scholarships. Thank you for giving back.
The scholarships ceremonies have been held at our Annual Memorial Day Picnic, at the estate of Dennis and Lisa Keffer in Pax, West Virginia. This year's picnic was the best so far. We all had a good time. Thank you Dennis and Lisa.
The time is getting close for our major charity fund raiser, The Thomas Stafford Golf Tournament. I am so excited and can hardly wait. I am eagerly excited about our meeting with all the Clergy in Mount Hope. This meeting will be geared to bring the clergy together and talk about their visions for the city of Mount Hope.
Keep pushing on, the blessing is already here, just believe and reach for it. Being a blessing to someone is a blessing for all.
Thank you,
~ Rev. C.W. McKenney, President