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Mount Hope & Fayette County in the News..

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What's the future of coal country? These grads aren't sure... [Read the Story]

Gordon Gee Explains His Decision To Move WVU Tech To Beckley... [Read the Story]

SBA rejects Fayette's consolidation plan; county back to square one... [Read the Story]

Fayette plan could revert to old version, parents hope national attention will hold state accountable... [Read the Story]

Board member asks for Fayette to slow down, fix schools while developing a plan... [Read the Story]

Fayette officials meet with SBA director, express concern about agency's actions... [Read the Story]

Classes canceled for Collins Middle fifth and sixth grade while plumbing assessed... [Read the Story]

Former students pay musical tribute to a trailblazing teacher... [Read the Story]

Mount Hope Establishes Committee to Move Forward on Comprehensive Plan... [Read the Story]

Mt. Hope Forms Economic Committee... [Read the Story]

Mount Hope educator to be honored with musical tribute... [Read the Story]

Program connects male role models with young people in Mount Hope... [Read the Story]

Fayette Co. Superintendent proposes new plan... [Read the Story]

Kids Hit the Books Today in Mt. Hope... [Read the Story]

Annual Golf Tournament raises money for scholarships... [Read the Story]

Mountain of Hope Org. Hosts Dubois Fundraiser... [Read the Story]

Gayle Manchin: back to square one for Fayette County Schools after bond failure... [Read the Story]

$39 million school bond defeated in Fayette County... [Read the Story]

Fayette faces building issues, consolidation, bond vote... [Read the Story]

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Business in Mount Hope bulldozed as part of a Conservation project... [Read the Story]

Serena Starcher named interim superintendent... [Read the Story]

Fayette County BOE swears in new superintendent... [Read the Story]

Easy access to tax help and more in Fayette County... [Read the Story]

Mount Hope Municipal Stadium... [Read the Story]

Mount Hope High Grads want to Refurbish Municipal Stadium... [Read the Story]

Fayette County Town to 'plot' Economic Future... [Read the Story]

Its a high adventure summer at the summit... [Read the Story]

Fayette County Opens Bidding Process... [Read the Story]

New Management of Mount Hope High School Building... [Read the Story]

WV Author reads to Children in Mount Hope... [Read the Story]

American Hardware Store in Mount Hope Closes... [Read the Story]

Mount Hope Feeds Kids at Summer Program... [Read the Story]

Mount Hope Lawsuit Settled... [Read the Story]

Aging Fayette Schools Challenge Maintenance Budget... [Read the Story]

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