Willie Benn Brooks-Pritchett... Willie Benn Brooks-Pritchett

Willie Benn Brooks-Pritchett was born in 1946 and graduated from Mt.Hope High School, Mt. Hope, WVA in 1964. He was active in track & field, football, golden glove boxing, the glee, and spanish clubs. After graduating, Willie moved to Washington, DC and has been living in Ft. Washington, MD since 1996.

Willie worked for the U.S. Post Office for 5 years and has since that time been working in the retail field, holding various levels of positions including store manager. His current employer for 17 years is TJ Maxx, a company located in various states, with multiple chains. He has been married to Frances Pritchett for 26 years and is the proud parent of 4 sons and 1 daughter.

Willie has been an active member of the Board for the Mountain of Hope Organization since 2010. He can be contacted by mail or phone at:

8109 Ft.Foote Road
Ft.Washington, MD 20744
H:   301/749-9857
C:   240/441-1809
W:   301/638-9470
E-mail:   bennp1946@yahoo.com